12 Car Sounds You Should Never Ever Ignore

Key Takeaways:

  • If your car starts making weird noises, it's a good idea to bring it to a mechanic.
  • When you hear a coin clatter from an overheated engine, it's time to get some help.
  • The squealing, whining or grinding of the brakes indicates that they must be serviced.
  • Engines that ping, bang, or rattle frequently require maintenance.
  • Exhaust leaks typically produce noisy hissing, roaring, or whistling sounds. In contrast, fluid leaks often make dripping or gurgling noises.
  • A loose fan belt is a typical cause of a thumping sound under the hood of your automobile.
  • When you turn your steering wheel, you may hear a grinding noise if your power steering fluid is running low.
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There's a reason why mechanics frequently advise drivers to "be careful" when they hear a strange noise coming from their automobiles. These car noises are typically signposts to trigger problems down the road. Gosch Collision will review twelve distinctive automotive sounds that you should never ignore. If you detect any of these sounds, have your car looked at by a mechanic as soon as possible!

12 Car Sounds You Should Never Ever Ignore

If you hear an odd noise while driving, don't be concerned. It's usually nothing to worry about. Here are the top twelve car noises and what they mean:

1. Grinding or Squealing

The starter motor is probably malfunctioning if you hear a grinding or screeching sound when your car starts. The starter triggers the engine. Therefore if it isn't working correctly, your automobile won't start.

1. Grinding or Squealing

2. Knocking

The knocking noise from your car's hood might mean the engine is low on oil. Engine oil typically prevents the machine's moving parts from grinding against each other and helps it stay cool. If there isn't enough oil, the different engine parts may start knocking as they rub against each other.

3. Hissing

If a hissing sound appears under the hood of a car, it could be a sign of a coolant leak. Coolant maintains an appropriate temperature for the engine by keeping the cooling system constant. The engine's overheating can be caused by an exhaust system fault, resulting in significant damage.

4. Whining

If you hear a whining sound when you accelerate, your power steering pump is most likely failing. The power steering pump delivers hydraulic fluid to the power steering system, making it easier to drive. If the pump fails, the steering may cause additional issues.

5. Screeching

When your brake pads are worn down, they produce a scraping sound when you apply the brakes. The rotors come into contact with abrasive material in the form of brake pads, which wear down as a result of usage and create a screeching noise when they strike them. It isn't always a significant problem, but you should address it right away to avoid bigger repairs later.

6. Rattling

A rattling noise from your car's suspension could be due to poorly functioning shock absorbers or struts. The noise usually goes away when driving at higher speeds. However, if the noise persists, it might indicate more serious problems, such as brake pad wear.

7. Clicking

Clunking noise from your car usually means something wrong with the CV joint, which joins the axle and wheel. If you're hearing a clicking sound when turning your steering wheel, that's likely due to a damaged CV joint. You should get it mended or replaced as soon as possible since it could cause the wheel to come off while driving.

8. Grinding

If your brakes are grinding, it's usually a sign that something is wrong with the brake pads or rotors. When braking, worn-out brake pads make this noise. In addition, if the rotors are damaged, they will produce the same sound. It's a big problem that must be addressed immediately because worn-out brake pads or bent rotors can damage your car.

9. Knocking

A broken timing chain will produce a loud knocking noise while the engine is running. The pistons or rods are probably misaligned, causing this sound to be emitted from the car's engine. If you hear your automobile make this clamor, it is critical that you have it checked by a professional mechanic. Continuing to drive with an unrepaired issue might result in additional harm to your engine.

10. Screeching

If your car starts making a high-pitched noise while driving, it's probably an issue with the serpentine or timing belts. Go to a mechanic immediately to have them look and replace the belt if required.

11. Humming

Never ignore a humming noise coming from your car while driving. There's a good chance that it means your tires are unbalanced or there's something caught in the treads. In either case, take them to get checked out by a professional mechanic as soon as possible.

12. Rumbling

If you hear your car rattling and it isn't running smoothly, the fuel injectors might blame you. Your engine requires the perfect mixture of gasoline and air and a spark plug to produce a spark. If any of these elements are faulty, you'll notice noise from your car at lower RPMs.

If your gas tank has too much dirt accumulation, it will prevent the right amount of gasoline from reaching the mix. You may fix this problem by adding a commercial cleaning solution to your gas tank.

There are a few possible causes of oxygen deprivation in your car. One is that the air filter needs to be changed. Another potential reason is that the oxygen sensor isn't working correctly, which leads to an incorrect mix ratio.

In summary, a faulty or old spark plug might cause your automobile not to run correctly. The explosion in your engine will sound unusual if the spark plugs aren't firing correctly. Every 30-40 thousand miles, you should replace your spark plugs.

Also, read our blog on maintenance alert for signs indicating your car is an accident risk.

You should always check your vehicle's owner's handbook for further information. Click here to investigate more car noises that might lead to big trouble.

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