5 Signs Your Car Needs Immediate Auto Body Repair

After a car accident, don't wait to search Google for "auto body repair near me." Waiting to have your vehicle fixed can cause more problems in the future and degrade its value even more. Below, we go over 5 indicators that you should take your car in for body repair right away and how to find a qualified body shop near Temecula, CA you can count on.

5 Clues Your Vehicle Needs a Body Shop Now

1. You Have Trouble Steering

The steering column in your vehicle is connected to both the chassis (frame) and the wheels. If you start to notice that your car isn't quite responding to steering wheel commands or is drifting to one side or the other, this is may be a sign that the chassis is damaged or that you need a wheel alignment. An alignment is a relatively simple service, while a cracked or bent vehicle frame requires more in-depth repair.

2. You Feel Shaking or Vibrating

Vehicles are designed to drive smoothly and provide a comfortable ride. Any time you feel your car shaking or vibrating when you drive, it's a serious issue that needs immediate attention. A few different things could be the culprit in a situation like this:

  • A bent wheel
  • A bubble in your tire
  • Poor wheel balance
  • Loose engine mounts
  • Transmission problems
  • Damaged brake rotors
  • A cracked chassis

Each of the above pose a critical risk to you and your passengers and if your car starts shaking soon after an accident, there's a high chance that you're dealing with more than one of these issues. An auto body mechanic will do a thorough assessment to identify all possible causes of vibration and make comprehensive repairs to restore your vehicle to like-new condition.

3. Your Doors Have to Be Slammed to Shut

If you notice that your doors are getting harder to shut or suddenly need to be slammed to close all the way, this is a clear indication that you need to hop onto a search engine with the term "auto body repair near me" in tow. Finding a body shop to help right away is imperative not just for your vehicle's appearance or your convenience, but also your safety.

When your vehicle's chassis is bent or warped after a collision, your doors may no longer fit properly into the frame the way they were designed to. The result is having to use a lot more force to get doors to latch and without repair, they may eventually stop latching altogether. When this happens, there's a high chance that there are more problems "under the hood."

4. You're Getting Fewer Miles per Gallon of Gas

You should be especially wary if you start losing fuel efficiency following a car accident. While driving conditions and location normally cause how many MPG you get to fluctuate, this can get markedly worse if there's a problem with your vehicle frame. Pay special attention to reduced fuel economy in the context of other signs you need auto body repair; when these occur together, chances are higher that your chassis has been damaged.

5. Your Shocks and Struts Go Out Soon After the Crash

Your vehicle's suspension system is what helps reduce the bumpiness of your ride. The two main components of this system are shocks and struts, which normally wear out and need replacement over time. But when your frame is bent, this can cause extra strain and uneven wear on your suspension.

If your car has recently been in a crash and needs new shocks and struts soon after, it's a good idea to have an auto body expert check the rest of your vehicle. Otherwise, your new suspension components will wear out just as quickly.

Searching for "Auto Body Repair Near Me" Near Temecula, CA?

If you've been Googling "auto body repair near me" after your car has been in a collision, here are some helpful tips on how to find a reputable body shop near Temecula, CA:

  • Check online reviews
  • Look for manufacturer certifications
  • Ask family and friends
  • Tour different facilities
  • Compare written estimates

Contrary to popular belief, you don't have to use the same collision center that your car insurance company recommends. You can take your vehicle to any auto body shop of your choice to have the necessary repairs done, and your insurance carrier should provide the same level of coverage as they would have to with their preferred mechanic.

Answering Your Questions About Auto Body Repair Shops

Will You Be Able to Match My Car's Paint Color?

When performing cosmetic repairs, a quality auto body shop can perfectly match your car's existing paint color. Each vehicle has a "paint code" that your technician can look up to find specific paint-mixing instructions to use. If your car isn't exactly the same shade as the factory color, there are multiple tools and blending techniques that can be used to create a beautiful and flawless finish.

What If You Find More Damage While You're Repairing My Car?

It's not uncommon for us to find additional problems during the course of repairing a vehicle, especially if we're providing service after it's been in collision. If this happens, we will reach out to you to let you know and get approval before starting any work that wasn't included in your original quote. If your repairs are covered by insurance, we can also communicate with them to get authorization prior to moving forward.

You should never delay having your vehicle checked by an experienced collision professional after being involved in a car accident, even if it was just a minor "fender bender." Call us at GOScH Collision in Hemet, CA now to schedule a time to bring your car in for a thorough assessment, so you can have peace of mind that your vehicle is safe and efficient to drive. We also serve the areas of San Jacinto, Menifee, Murietta, and Temecula, CA for your convenience.


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