6 Blunders To Avoid When Choosing An Auto Collision Repair Shop!

When your car inevitably sustains damage in a collision, you must take it to a trusted body shop to repair your vehicle after a collision. Regretfully, not all body shops are the same. People make a few common blunders when selecting a collision repair shop, leading to costly and frustrating problems.

Here are six major blunders individuals make when selecting a body shop and how to avoid them.

Mistake # 1: Not Checking the Shop's Credentials:

When entrusting your car to a repair shop, you want to ensure that the collision repair shop you choose has the expertise and accreditation to do the work correctly. Always check that the shop is properly licensed and insured, and ask about their training and certifications.

A reputable collision repair shop will be more than happy to show you their credentials and answer any questions you have. If a shop cannot provide this information, move on to another option.

Mistake # 2: Not Asking for a Detailed Estimate in Writing:

Once the collision repair shop has had a chance to inspect your vehicle, they should give you a thorough quote of the repairs needed. They should provide the estimate in writing and itemize all the work that needs to be done and the associated costs.

If a collision repair shop tries to give you a verbal estimate or refuses to put their estimate in writing, be wary. It is not a good sign and could indicate that the shop is not reputable or trustworthy.

Mistake # 3: Not Checking for Insurance Approval or Warranties:

Before you have any repairs done, check to see if your insurance company has approved the repair shop. Several insurance firms have a list of acceptable collision repair providers. Using one of these shops will ensure that your insurance covers your repairs.

In addition, always ask if the collision repair shop offers any warranties on their work. A good collision repair shop will stand behind their work and offer a warranty in case anything goes wrong with the repairs.

Mistake # 4: Not Asking How long the repairs will take:

To repair your vehicle after a collision, you need to know how long it will be out of commission. Ask the collision repair shop to estimate how long the repairs will take. A good collision repair shop should give you a general idea of how long the repairs will take.

Mistake # 5: Not Checking the Shop's Reviews:

Before you take your car to a collision repair shop, check the shop's reviews. You can do this by searching online or asking people you know if they have any recommendations. A good collision repair shop will have mostly positive reviews.

Mistake # 6: Going with the Cheapest Option:

When it comes to collision repair, you get what you pay for. If you go with the cheapest option, you may not be getting the best quality repairs. Don't forget to compare prices and services before making your final decision.

When it comes time to repair your vehicle after a collision, it's important to choose the right body shop. However, several people make the mistake of choosing a shop based on convenience or price rather than quality.

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