All You Need To Know About Auto Paint Jobs At Body Shops

There is plenty to consider when getting a new car paint job. What color do you want? What design? Where do you go to get it done? How much is it going to cost? And those are just the basics! There's a lot to think about when it comes to something as important (and sentimental) as your car's appearance.

Stay with us as we look at the factors you need to consider before getting an auto paint job at an auto body repair shop.

How Long Would It Take?

The answer to this question depends on a few things:

  • The size of the car

  • How much prep work is required

  • If the car needs any rust repair

  • If the vehicle is being painted for the first time or is a repaint.

On average, a car being painted for the first time will take about two weeks from start to finish. Repainting a car will usually only take about a week. Other factors that may affect the time it takes to complete the job are how busy the shop is and the weather.

Prior Preparation:

There's a reason people take their car to an auto body repair professional and do not attempt to do the job themselves. From sanding the car down to bare metal to spraying on the primer to painting on the color coats, a lot of work goes into getting a car ready for paint.

Your auto body repair expert will ask if you want to cover your car's scratches, gouges, rock chips, and other blemishes before painting it. They'll also ask if you'll add extra features, such as stripes or decals. Bear in mind that these will add to the cost of the car paint job.

Your Body Repair Expert Must Remove Auto Parts:

A cheap car paint job is one where the body shop doesn't bother to remove certain car parts before painting. These include the car's lights, mirrors, windshield wipers, and emblems. Not removing these parts can lead to a less than perfect car paint job. Usually, auto body repair professionals mask off these parts to avoid overspray.

If you want a high-quality car paint job, ask the body shop to remove these parts before painting. It's an extra step that's worth the money.

The Quality of the Paint:

Auto paint is available in different qualities, from economy to premium. The type of paint you choose will affect the quality and durability of your car paint job.

If it's a tight-on-budget project, you might want to choose the economy paint. However, remember that this paint is more likely to fade and chip.

The finest paint will cost upwards of $3,000. This is dependent on the technology and endurance foreseen. Low-cost paints are an outdated technology that will last 2-3 years before breaking down. The higher-end paint is determined by color choice, special effects, and durability. A high solid multi-stage Urethane paint can endure decades of use.


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