Doubt CARFAX? Here’s How To Look For Hidden Damage On A ‘For-Sale’ Car!

When purchasing a used car, it's vital to be as vigilant as possible to check for any damage that a previous accident may have caused. CARFAX can help give you some peace of mind, but they don't tell the whole story. Many accidents go unreported. As a result, the car may look fine from the outside but have significant damage on the inside. This post will discuss how to look for hidden damage on a "for-sale" car. By being proactive and looking for these signs, you can save yourself from buying a lemon!

Ask the Dealership

If you're buying a used car, it's important to ask the dealership if the vehicle has been in any accidents. Many dealerships will have a CarFax report to show any accidents the car has been in. If the dealership doesn't have the resources to validate the car’s service history, then better avoid that car altogether. If you still need a particular car that has caught your fancy, enlist the services of an independent mechanic to sound the car for you.

Ask a Mechanic to Inspect

If you're not comfortable inspecting the car yourself, you can always have a mechanic inspect it. Mechanics will tell if the vehicle has been in any accidents by looking at the car's body and checking for any damage.

There are a few things mechanics will look for when inspecting a car for accident damage. They'll check the car's frame for bends or cracks, and they'll also look at the car's body for any dents or scratches.

If you can't let a mechanic see it, you can do a few things to examine the vehicle.

Check the Bumper

The bumper is the first thing to check. If the car has been in an accident, the bumper will likely be dented or scratched. Insurance companies usually reject it, so the vehicle must still have the old bumper, and if the car was in an accident, the bumper might have some signs of damage.

Look for Gaps in Panels

One of the easiest ways to spot hidden damage on a car is by looking for gaps in the panels. If a panel is out of place or doesn't quite match up with the others, the vehicle has likely been in an accident. Take a look at the doors, hood, and trunk. Are they all flush with the body of the car? If not, the vehicle has likely been in an accident.

Also, look for mismatched paint colors or faded paint. This can be a sign that the vehicle has been repainted after an accident.

Check the Windshield

Check the windshield for damage. If there are any cracks or other blemishes, it could indicate that the car has been in an accident. You can usually see how extensive the damage is by looking at it from different angles.

If you have doubts, discuss them with the dealership and see if they share any confidential information.

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