The Benefits Of Waterborne Paint For Automotive Coating

Did you know that waterborne paint is becoming the industry standard for automotive coating? This type of paint brings many benefits, including superior quality, reduced environmental impact, and decreased costs.

In this blog post, the experts at Gosch Collision will discuss the different benefits of using waterborne paint for automotive coating. We will also explore why this paint is becoming more popular among auto manufacturers.

Benefit 01: Waterborne paints are safer.

Waterborne paints are a better choice for people working in factories. Employees will experience considerably healthier conditions with fewer VOCs and pollutants circulating in the air. Furthermore, waterborne coatings are less explosive and toxic, so they can help create a safer workplace free of accidents and mishaps.

Benefit 02: Waterborne paints are eco-friendly.

Toluene, xylene, ethyl benzene, and methyl ethyl ketone are dangerous, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) found in solvent-based paints. Waterborne paints include fewer pollutants, which do not linger in the atmosphere as long as solvent-based toxins do. Waterborne paints are less flammable and toxic, allowing your painting process to be more environmentally friendly.

Benefit 03: Waterborne paints are less expensive.

Waterborne paints do not require the thinners, additives, or hardeners that solvent-based paints do, so you'll save money in the long run by eliminating those extra costs. When compared to solvent-based paints, you'll find that waterborne paints use less product to cover the same area. Waterborne paints also have another cost-saving benefit; they stay fresh longer in sealed containers, allowing you to store your inventory for later use.

Benefit 04: They offer unbeatable color matches.

Waterborne coatings are currently used as the basis in the paint finishing process at car manufacturers. You'll never get a perfect color match if you still use old solvent-based paint treatments. Waterborne paint is best for proper color matching. After seeing their automobile returned to its original color after significant damage or repairs, your customers will be overjoyed.

Benefit 05: Waterborne paints offer high gloss finishing.

Waterborne paints often have a high-gloss finish, so you'll need to use a less clear coat. This saves you time and money and ensures that the vehicle parts you're coating are protected from corrosion.

Benefit 06: Waterborne paints are long-lasting.

An aqueous coating will withstand heat and protect the vehicle's body from corrosion. These paints are also abrasion resistant and have a glossy finish that is expected to last a long time.

There are a few considerations to keep in mind if you're thinking about switching to waterborne paints for your vehicle coating process. First, use corrosion-resistant materials such as stainless steel or plastic for your spray guns.

Waterborne paints have a substantially longer curing time than solvent-based paints; therefore, you may need to adapt your manufacturing techniques to allow extra drying time.

Gosch Collision is the ideal solution for all your auto body needs, from minor scrapes to the heaviest damages. No one is better prepared or equipped to get you and your car back on the road in pre-accident condition than our professionals.

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