What to Expect During the Collision Repair Process in Hemet, CA

If your car's been damaged in a collision, you'll want to have it repaired as soon as possible. However, the prospect of leaving your car with technicians for such an extensive procedure can be a little daunting. Understanding the collision repair process will remove the mystery and provide a better understanding of the labor, time, and costs involved. With this in mind, let's take a look at the full process of automotive collision repair in Hemet, CA, including headlight restoration.


What to Expect During the Collision Repair Process in Hemet, CA

Assessment and Estimate

Firstly, the technicians will carry out a visual inspection of your vehicle to estimate the extent of the external and internal damage. They'll also assess which parts will need to be replaced and provide you with an initial cost estimate.

They'll contact your insurer to obtain insurance authorization and schedule an appointment date for repairs to begin. Before the date and during the entire repair process, they'll also keep you updated by email, SMS, or phone. And if you need a replacement car rental, your consultant can help you arrange one.


Blueprinting and Disassembly

Here, the technicians create a blueprint that serves as a map of your car's current condition and how to systematically repair it to optimal condition and working order. They'll then disassemble the car, removing and examining all damaged parts.

During disassembly, further internal damage will often be revealed. If necessary, the technicians will immediately contact you and the insurer to adjust the estimate. This is quite common as internal damage is difficult to detect before disassembly.


Frame Repair

A car's frame is the primary rigid supporting structure of the vehicle. During any collision in Hemet, CA or elsewhere, the frame can undergo twisting damage, mash damage, or sway damage.

The technicians will establish accurate frame shaping with computerized laser frame diagnostic systems. The frame will be restored to its pre-accident form and condition using highly precise frame machines.


Metalwork Repair

Next comes the metalwork. In a dedicated bay similar to those used by car manufacturers, each metal part of the car will repaired or replaced as required. This very thorough process involves analyzing each part with an electronic measuring system to make sure each component is perfectly in line with factory specifications. The brakes, suspension, and wheel alignment will also be fine-tuned at this stage.


Paintwork Restoration

Once the frame and all mechanical parts are fully restored, it's time for the paintwork. Surfaces will be taped, sanded, and primed. A base coat and clear coat will be expertly applied, and the bodywork will finally be glossed to restore a final layer of protection and healthy shine to your car.


Vehicle Reassembly

Each part of your car will be carefully put back into place to the manufacturer's specifications: just as before the accident. Reassembly is a meticulous process that must be carried out by experienced professionals to ensure that not a single bolt or screw is out of place.

Sometimes, following reassembly, you'll find your vehicle in even better condition than before the accident. This is because any slight faults or misalignment that you weren't previously aware of will have been repaired.


Thorough Inspection

Now your car is back in one piece and fully functional once more, a certified Hemet, CA, technician will inspect it with painstaking care. Every wire, door, line connection, component, and surface will be examined to ensure they adhere to factory tolerances and standards.


Detailing and Cleaning

Your car will be washed and cleaned scrupulously to remove any dirt, dust, or debris. The bodywork may also receive a final layer of polish to ensure a pristine appearance worthy of the showroom. A final inspection will be carried out, including a visual inspection on every car part from the interior to the undercarriage to the lights.



Once the car is ready, you can collect it or have it delivered to you wherever you are in Hemet, CA, or nearby. Your collision consultant will explain all that was carried out during the collision repair process.

You can take your time performing your own vehicle inspection, with a technician on hand to answer any questions about the collision repair process. During this last step, feel free to bring up any concerns you have about anything from headlight restoration to bodywork.


Minor Headlight Restoration

Following a minor fender bender, only your headlights might have been damaged. Headlights are relatively fragile and can easily become cracked and knocked out of position. Even if your headlights appear to be only very lightly broken, it's important to have a technician take a look to see if you need headlight restoration.

During headlight restoration, a technician will first disconnect the battery and assess the extent of the damage. Broken lenses, bulbs, or harnesses will need to be replaced, and any deeper electrical issues will also need to be repaired. But if there's more extensive structural damage to the headlights and surrounding bodywork, a team of technicians will probably need to carry out the full collision repair process.


Typical Timeframe for Collision Repair in Hemet, CA

A full collision repair process that includes frame straightening usually takes from four to eight weeks. Engine repair or replacement might take anywhere from one to four weeks. Minor collision repair jobs such as glass replacement, bumper repair, or headlight restoration might take as little as one to three days. It all depends on the extent of external and internal damage following your collision; an experienced technician can promptly give you an accurate cost and time estimate.

Visit GOScH Collision Center in Hemet, CA today to have your damaged car restored to pre-crash condition by a highly qualified team of technicians. We provide prompt, professional restoration services to any local driver in need of vehicle repairs.


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