Wind Damage To Your Car and How to Fix It

Weather can cause serious damage to your car if you don't take the necessary precautions. Wind, in particular, can wreak havoc on your car's exterior and interior components. Often, damages happen when debris and other flying objects are carried along with the wind. Such objects can not only cause damage to the car, but they can also harm anyone inside. Here are some tips to help you protect your car from wind damage.

Common Damages Gusts of Wind Can Cause To Your Car

What are some possible damages that can be caused to your car due to wind? Just like road collisions, the damage caused by wind can vary depending on the intensity and direction of the gusts. Here are some common damages that can be caused by strong winds:

  1. Broken windows or windshields – Wind-borne debris such as small stones, twigs, and branches can strike your car's windows or windshields, shattering them.
  2. Scratches and dents – High-speed wind can cause small objects to strike your car's exterior, leaving marks and scratches.
  3. Bends and creases - High-speed winds can cause your car's hood, roof, and other parts to bend or deform. This is possible if the wind blows a tree or a big branch against your car.
  4. Gouges - These are deep marks in the metal of your car caused by flying debris such as sticks or stones. It's also common for high-velocity winds to pick up a road sign and throw it onto your car, causing this type of damage.

How to Mitigate Wind Damage

So what are some solutions to these problems? Here are some ideas:

Park in the Right Place - The most important thing to do is to park your car in a sheltered area whenever possible. This could be an underground garage, or even a covered parking lot. Avoid parking under trees as they can easily be knocked over by strong winds or storms.

Install Protective Coverings - Another option is to install protective coverings such as car covers, window guards, and wind deflectors. These are designed to keep your car shielded from flying debris and extreme weather conditions.

Keep an Eye on the Weather - Make sure you check the forecast before you leave for the day. If strong winds are predicted, you may want to try and stay indoors if possible.

Know Who to Call - If your car does suffer from wind damage, make sure you know who to call. Your insurance provider and a local auto repair shop can help you get the repairs you need quickly and affordably. Taking care of any damage as soon as possible is always best. Contact Gosch Collision Center in Hemet, CA today for more information about car repair services. We are here to help you get your vehicle back on the road quickly and safely.

Common Questions About Wind Damage to Car

Motorists often have questions about wind damage to cars, such as:

• Does insurance cover wind damage?

Most insurance policies do cover wind damage as long as the policyholder has comprehensive coverage. It’s important to read through your policy to determine what is and isn’t covered.

• How is wind damage assessed?

Just like road collisions, wind damage needs to be assessed by a professional collision expert. The technicians will assess the extent of the damage and provide an estimate for repairs. You want to take photos immediately for reference if needed.

• Is wind damage repairable? 

Yes, depending on the extent of the damage, it is often possible to make repairs after wind damage. This might include replacing parts or panels and making adjustments to ensure proper alignment and safety. The repairs will need to be made in a professional body shop that is certified by your car's manufacturer.

• Can wind make my car irreparable?

Yes. This all depends on how severe the wind is and what it can carry. Say a huge tree or powerline has fallen over in a storm, this could cause serious and irreparable damage to your car. If the wind is strong enough, it can also blow off parts of the body such as bumpers or door panels.

• Can I do the repairs myself?

In most cases, it’s best to have a professional handle the repairs. This ensures that your car is properly repaired and that any safety features that may have been damaged are replaced. It is important to make sure that the body shop you choose is certified by your car's manufacturer and has experience with wind damage repairs.

• How much will I spend on wind damage?

The cost of repairing wind damage can vary greatly depending on the amount of damage that has been done. It is best to get an estimate for the repairs before they begin so you know what to expect. In most cases, it is better to replace parts than try and repair them in order to ensure a safe and secure car.

Contact Gosch Collision in Case of Wind Damage to Your Car

If you have recently experienced wind damage to your car, reach out to Gosch Collision. Our certified technicians are experienced in repairing all types of wind damage and will get your car back on the road as quickly as possible. We use only genuine parts and offer a lifetime warranty on all work performed. Don't let wind damage slow you down – request an appointment with Gosch Collision for fast, reliable service today. With our experienced staff and top-notch equipment, we can make sure that your car is as good as new!


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